• Clean beer lines are essential for maintaining the quality of craft beerĀ 
  • Dirty lines can lead to surface growth of yeast and mold, build-up of beer stone, and spoilage by beer-spoiling bacteria, all of which can negatively affect the appearance, taste, and aroma of the beer

CT Draft's Cleaning Procedure:

  • Cleans all accounts every week with an alkaline detergent cleaner.
  • Quarterly acid cleaning cycle to remove beer stone
  • Chemical is pumped through lines for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Lines are rinsed thoroughly with water, and all faucets are completely disassembled and cleaned during every visit.
  • Full system check of all O-rings and serviceable parts is carried out during each visit

Benefits of a Clean Draft System:

  • Increases sales and guest retention by maintaining customer satisfaction with the quality of beer .
  • CT Draft's trained technicians are available to diagnose and repair any issues with the draft system.

How does Cleaning Work?

The double alkaline cleaner is effective because it uses a combination of two alkaline chemicals, typically sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and potassium hydroxide (KOH), to clean the beer lines. Alkaline cleaners work by breaking down and removing organic compounds, such as proteins and sugars, that can build up in the beer lines over time. These organic compounds can create a biofilm, which can harbor bacteria and other
microorganisms that can spoil the beer and cause off-flavors. Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are both highly alkaline and can dissolve organic compounds. However, each chemical has its own unique properties that make it effective for different types of organic compounds. Sodium hydroxide is more effective at breaking down proteins, while potassium hydroxide is more effective at breaking down sugars. By combining these two chemicals in the double alkaline cleaner, you can effectively target and remove a wide range of organic compounds in the beer lines, including proteins, sugars, and other complex organic molecules. In addition, the double alkaline cleaner is often formulated with other cleaning agents, such as surfactants and chelating agents, which can help to increase the cleaning power of the solution and improve its ability to remove stubborn buildup Overall, the double alkaline cleaner is an effective solution for cleaning beer lines because it uses a combination of highly alkaline chemicals that can effectively dissolve and remove a wide range of organic compounds, along with other cleaning agents that help to enhance its overall cleaning power.